SKNFA to be Represented at FIFA Grassroots Seminar

On the agenda will be presentations from selected countries, presentations from FIFA and a grass roots festival.
In an interview with, Lake indicated that the presentation will be about St. Kitts and Nevis’ grass roots program and its success over the past eight years; what is happening in grass roots football here in St. Kitts; why it has been a sustainable programme; why they continue to have that programme and how they keep the children interested every week.
He also explained the benefits that can be derived from the seminar, including being able to share with the world what developments are taking place in St. Kitts, in terms of grassroots. It would also allow SKNFA to source support from FIFA for the next few years and also the opportunity for him to give expertise.
The seminar is organised by FIFA and it is the First of its kind, since the inception of the FIFA grassroots program. All the FIFA grassroots instructors from all over the world will be in attendance.

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