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SKTU meeting with education ministry to discuss reinstatement of fired BHS teacher

When contacted for a comment, the head of the Union, Bishop Ron Collins, indicated that he could not give much detail into the current situation.

Johnson was one of several outspoken teachers at the Basseterre High School, after she ‘came down’ with a number of health complications said to have been related to the conditions at the learning institution.

In January, shortly after her services were terminated from the institution under the then Labour Administration, the Teachers Union had penned a statement asking for the Ministry of Education to have Ms. Johnson reinstated.

“The Ministry of Education recently terminated the services of a new teacher, who suffered health issues at the Basseterre High School and spoke out to advocate for a safe school for herself, her colleagues and her students,” that statement said.

BHS has been plagued with a number of troubling conditions for several years now.  Several regional health entities have visited the learning institution and have provided critical remedial actions, but none, so far, has resulted in a permanent resolution to the school’s environmental and health problems.


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