Skull found at West Farm, Believed to be Human

Initial reports which reached this media house suggested that “body parts” or a “body part” was discovered in the West Farm area on Saturday, 19th March, 2011.

Contact made with the Press and Public Relations Officer to the police, Inspector Vaughan Henderson, revealed that the hikers were in the Stone Fort Mountain area in the vicinity of the Bat Cave when the discovery was made.

“At about 12:00 midday on 19 March, 2011, some hikers were hiking in the Stone Fort Mountain area…when they discovered a skull suspected to be that of a human. Police officers from Old Road Police Station were called in to carry out enquiries.”

Henderson further explained to that the skull was removed from the scene by the officers and taken into custody “pending expert examination. At this stage, investigators are unable to ascertain the identity and or origin of the skull and investigations are vigorously continuing.”



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