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SLH Offers Special Package on Vehicles

The promotion kicked off on Monday with a plethora of jaw-dropping offers including:

·         10% VAT

·         Free servicing for ONE year

·         Free accessories

·         Free Licensing

·         Free Registration

·         Free Tinting

·         10% Downpayment

·         Free Bill of Sale

·         8.5% interest rate over seven (7) years


As listed above the 10% VAT offer is a savings of 7% off the normal 17% VAT fee on the cost of the vehicle. In other words Horsford’s Automotive absorbs seven percent which would leave the customer paying only 10 percent.

In addition the federation’s favourite Automotive Dealers normally gives 10% financing. However is offering 8.5% percent financing over an extended 7-year period for the Happy Days promotion.  

Horsford’s Automotive are the local agents for Nissan, Hyundai and Kia Vehicles. They Auto Dealers boasts the Kia Rio, Kia Sportage and the popular Kia Sorento as well as the extremely popular Hyundai Tuscon, Nissan Murano and the Kia Sol and Hyundai Accent.



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