Social Programmes and Infrastructure in Shambles Argues PAM Leader


The party says that more and more citizens are finding themselves without jobs and the means to support their families, while at the same time the Federal government, because of the huge National Debt and its irresponsible financial policies, is continuing to find it more and more difficult to fund much needed social and infrastructural programs, such as roads, schools and hospitals.

Party Leader, Lindsay Grant shared these concerns recently in a message to the Nation, telling citizens, “In times of recession governments cut social services first. In the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, and more importantly, under this Labour Government we have witnessed the deterioration of our Social Services on a daily basis. The promise of medications to the elderly is still in existence, however, take you Granny’s prescription to any health centre or government pharmacy and count yourself lucky if you can get that prescription filled.”

He continued, “If for some reason you have to end up in the hospital, be sure to walk with even the basics for those essential items are no long part of the reasonable package of our health care services. You will need to keep money on hand to purchase any prescription issued to you during your stay and you may be asked to leave the excess medication behind. It was just last week in Newtown I was speaking with an elderly gentleman. He said he was 67 years old, not working and according to his doctors, required medical attention. The money required for his stay at the hospital, I am informed, would be in the region of $600. The gentleman does not have the money required and as he tells me he would have to forgo the needed attention.”

The PAM Leader argued that the government cannot continue to allow our elderly to be treated in this way because they do not have the resources, when these same individuals a few years ago, would have been the cornerstone of our country’s development. They deserve better, opined Grant

He then turned his attention to what he considers to be the poor state of affairs in the schools, saying, “If you have children in the secondary schools you already know that there are not enough desks and chairs for the pupils at these institutions. Teachers are forced to use their meagre frozen salaries to purchase learning materials, which were once provided to each school from government vouchers.”

In terms of the island’s infrastructure, he said, road users will know that in every single community there are roads that may as well be considered off-roads. “We are no longer pothole dodging. The wastage of filling these potholes only for them to be opened up again in less than two months should be abolished in favour of a meaningful programme of resurfacing.”

He said there are other numerous examples of Social Services degeneration. However, you need to understand that the continuous decline in Social Services is an approved Labour Government measure of debt restructure, stated the Political Leader. “This ‘silent measure’ is designed to reduce government spending and is part of the debt restructuring policy now being implemented by this Labour Government. However, a PAM Administration will fully restore all meaningful Social Services to an acceptable and mutually beneficial level simply because the people of this Federation deserve better.”

Grant also promised that a new PAM Administration would pay greater attention to job creation because, “I hear you when you say the best jobs are not available to you and that there are not enough good jobs available on a whole. We hear you and assure you that the next PAM Administration will create job opportunities for all citizens, not by swelling the walls of Government Headquarters but by creating incentives geared to the private sector and by ensuring that there is a substantial amount of funds set-aside specifically for use by small businesses and start-up entrepreneurs. We still believe that small businesses are the engine of growth in any economy. Any economic plan must of necessity have small businesses at the center of any program.”

It is the People’s Action Movement’s policy, said Grant, that the private sector should be the engine of economic growth. “We also believe that we need to invest in our people and provide not only opportunities for investment but to assist tangibly with investment capital to those who wish to venture into the world of entrepreneurship. We conceive these plans as a means to elevate our people out of these economic hard times as we believe that the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis deserve better.”

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