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SPACS Lauded by Agriculture Minister

In commending SPACS for their revitalization of the Sandy Point Public Market, Minister Harris said that their efforts have not gone unnoticed by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Harris said, “Because we have confidence in you, I think, for two years in a row, for our World Food Day commemorative week of activities, we have set aside a particular day, usually it’s a Saturday, for an organized activity at the Sandy Point Market and that has been going very well, and again I want to commend them for the team effort, so that the group, small but robust, can put on a successful national event.”

Minister Harris revealed that the Ministry of Agriculture is still interested in providing water on the farms as they represent a new breed of young, dynamic, able entrepreneurs who can come together and make things work.

The Minister also said agriculture should be seen in the context of food security and nutrition in the promotion of self-reliance. He reiterated that families are encouraged to pursue farming as a family activity, as the Ministry wants to see agriculture move from seasonal production to year-round production.

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