SPBS 2013 Raffle Winners Announced

 place prize was a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean. Everyone waited with tremendous anticipation as the 7 Day Cruise Raffle, now in its fifth consecutive year, had become a highly anticipated staple of the Banquet.

And in the end the winning ticket went to someone who was not at the banquet. The winning ticket was sold in Anguilla to Ms Michelle Queeley, a Sandy Pointer residing in Anguilla. She won the first prize – a 7 Days Cruise for Two – redeemable at Carnival Cruise liner.

Unlike Ms. Queeley, the 2nd and 3rd prize winners were in attendance at the banquet. Cathleen Hodge won the 2nd Prize – an I-Pad Mini.

The 3rd place (Apple TV) was won by Gregory Brooks. SPBS congratulates the winners and thanks all its patrons, donors and supporters for making this annual raffle a success. 


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