How come? Well, aside from the obvious rigorous training regime and healthy lifestyle, Collins also swears by a trusty bottle of black spicy Caribbean sauce. 

In fact, he has a suitcase packed full of the stuff.

Collins, the 2003 World champion, said: “I travel with this sauce wherever I go – it always goes on my food when I am away running.

“It’s a hot pepper sauce but more flavoury than the normal burn-your-mouth hot sauce. If you find the food tasteless abroad, it makes it more enjoyable.

“It’s deadly to drink but basically gives my food a proper taste. 

“I can’t say for sure that it actually helps me run faster – but it’s never done me any harm. My first Olympics was in 1996 and I’ll have done five of them after this one.”

Now Collins is positively relishing taking on the trio of Jamaican 100m greats – Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake and Asafa Powell.

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