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Spotlight on Reparation for Slavery

Lorne is said to be a specialist and strong advocate on the subject and has represented West Indians in the past, in the quest to have the matter addressed by the courts. 

During a recent interview, Ras Dabo Penny, a member of the committee spearheading activities related to the UNESCO Slave Route Project, noted that he had met Mr. Lorne several decades ago and knew that he was a reputable presenter for the Reparation Lecture. 

Penny expressed, “I know he has become famous for taking a case to the Privy Council in trying to extract Reparations from the British Government, so I know he is a man who has been through the process and knows the process well. I could recall that in 1998 in Barbados we came up with a figure that was owed to us collectively as a people.”

Lloyd Lazar in his capacity as the Chairperson of the UNESCO Slave Route Project Subcommittee explained why the overall theme of “Reconciling the Past to Move into the Future with Confidence” was chosen for the activities of the UNESCO Slave Route Project. 

Lazar stressed “We have been targeting our young people because we feel it is very significant for them to feel confident about themselves. Earlier the Subcommittee had a presenter from the Congo (NgombuluYaSanguiYa Mina Bantu Lascony).  He presented at the UWI Open Campus and also in Nevis as well and he tried to instil confidence in terms of positivity and abilities.” 

The “Demystifying the Reparations Debate” Lecture is free of cost and takes place Tuesday, 28th February, from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Sir Cecil Jacobs Auditorium at the ECCB.  It marks the culmination of a free participatory lecture series that commenced July 2011.


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