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Spurs coach suspended for rest of season

Jeffers received suspension for a further four (4) months in relation to the assault on the match official during the SKNFA Carnival Cup match – H.E Garden Hotspurs vs. Rams Village Superstars. The four (4) month period will take effect from the 21st day of December and continues through April 2014. A fine of $500.00 is also to be paid by the guilty party. The Disciplinary committee exercised leniency toward Jeffers for accepting responsibilities for his actions.

In the case of Elvis “Pepe” Isaac of the H.E Garden Hotspurs F.C, the following judgement has been passed:

The committee has decided that Mr. Isaac is to be suspended for the remainder of the 2013-2014 SKNFA Season for the delay of game which occurred during the match – Winners Circle Newtown United vs. Harris Paint St. Peters at the Silver Jubilee Stadium on Sunday 24th November, 2013.


This decision came about as Mr. Isaac was before the Committee previously in this season and a stern warning and reprimand was issued.


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