Sri- Lankan Delegation Confident Ahead of Vote


He told in an exclusive interview that, out of the 71 countries in the Commonwealth, 63 of them have never had a chance to host Commonwealth Games.

“We want to set a trend. We are building a new arena and if the bid is successful they can look forward to meeting some of the most famous athletes in the world while in Sri Lanka,” Mr Attygalle said.model

CEO Attygalle clarified the role in which cricket legend Muttiah Muralitharan would play which he said was to promote the other sports to bring them up to the level of the number one sport in Sri Lanka.

He also went on to urge the general public in St. Kitts to visit the Marriott Hotel to view their Model of the arena that they are planning to build in Hambantota.

Hambantota is competing with the Australian Gold Coast for the right to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Mr. Allygalle went on describe St. Kitts as an excellent venue to host the Commonwealth Games Federation General Assembly.

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