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SSMC Complex to be Transformed into Museum

Carty stated that Prime Minister, Dr. Denzil Douglas, discussed with the Cabinet, government’s plan to develop the defunct complex into the St. Kitts Sugar Museum and to relocate the national archives to that complex at an appropriate time.

When it comes to the existing assets of the corporation, the machine shop at the factory is up for consideration for privatization; residential properties are to be sold by the Privatisation Unit, but those not sold by the wind-up date are to be transferred to the Crown.

Vehicles, stocks of spare parts and remaining scrap metal are to be sold; and maintenance of operable locomotives is to be considered.

It was also revealed that the Cabinet of Ministers on Monday 12th March approved the following actions:

•        The dissolution of the SSMC through the appropriate legal mechanisms and making necessary provisions for treating with its assets and liabilities.
•        The transfer of certain existing functions from the SSMC to government departments
•        Dissolution of the Board of Directors
•        The allocation of resources to implement the activities associated with the wind-up of the St. Kitts Sugar Manufacturing Corporation.

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