St George MP: PM should say something on the AG’s passport case

Jonas told Observer Radio that his constituents are concerned about the matter.

“Quite a few persons have asked me about it in all honesty and what is going to be done. But, I don’t know what the cabinet would have discussed already or if they are going to have a discussion on it. But, my expectation, as a member of parliament and also a representative of the people in St George, would be that some sort of statement would be forthcoming from the office of the prime minister,” he said.

A trial date of October 1st has been set of the AG’s passport fraud trial. Two people have already been jailed for their part in the theft of identity of a deceased man.

Benjamin, who as a lawyer certified the passport photograph and application, maintains his innocence and says he will be making a statement in parliament.

There will be a sitting on Friday August 15th, but as that will be for the Throne Speech, there will be no opportunity for such a statement.


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