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St. Kitts and Nevis praises Obama for easing US sanctions on Cuba

From Basseterre the government of St. Kitts and Nevis has expressed its satisfaction over the partial reversal in the tight trade and travel bans that have remained as the last vestiges of a Cold War, long ended.

Prime Minister of the twin-island nation, Dr. Denzil Douglas, who was in Cuba just this past week, meeting with President Raul Castro and other Caribbean and Latin American countries, said  “St. Kitts and Nevis, the Governments of the Caribbean, the Governments of the entire western hemisphere, and Governments all across the globe had long asserted that the half-century old policy of the United States toward Cuba advanced the interests of neither the United States nor those of the Cuban people.”

In a statement issued on Wednesday, 17th December, 2014, Dr. Douglas, who has repeatedly called for the ending of the embargo at the United Nations and other fora said the decision of the United States to no longer be the only country on earth dedicated to the isolation of Cuba is therefore a most welcome development in the eyes of the international community.

He added, “It reflects the determination of the Obama Administration to steadfastly and meticulously re-examine and re-cast policies that do not work, and to do so in the interest of advancing global peace and stability.  For this, President Obama deserves great praise.”

Like its sister Caribbean states and others in South and Central America, St. Kitts and Nevis has benefitted from many years of constructive bilateral relations with the Government of Cuba, and Douglas stated that “We look forward to witnessing the benefits that are sure to accrue to the Governments and peoples of both the United States and Cuba as a result of this historic decision.”

Cuba is already enjoying great relations with most nations of the world spread across the Caribbean Asia, Latin America, Canada, Europe and Africa. The US has been a “stand-alone” and stubborn country in maintaining its hostile stance on Cuba. It has finally taken a visionary American leader to do the right thing. Even former US president Jimmy Carty said on Wednesday that had he had more time in the White House he would have removed the sanctions. Carter left office in 1980 and being defeated by Ronald Reagan.

President Obama made the announcement of his Administration’s shift in policy in a major speech to the American people on Wednesday. Though he has been criticized by some in the Republican Party, much praise has also been provided for his courageous move that many feel would leave a positive and indelible mark on his legacy and time in the White House.



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