St. Kitts-Nevis 4-H youth group celebrated 4th Year of Re-launch in Federation

To commemorate the 4th year rebirth of this organization that fosters the holistic development of young people, the group organized several activities.

On Wednesday, April 8th, the group visited the St. Kitts Eco Park, where they were treated to a very educational tour of the compound, and were taught about the many variation of plants and trees there, how to care for them, the medicinal benefits of the plants, fruits and vegetables and shown novel farming techniques to enhance production. The purpose of the trip was aimed at  enhancing the youth agricultural literacy, especially since the 4-H organization was principally  born out of  a need to teach young people the importance of agriculture  and the need for their involvement in that sector, to help promote more sustainable economies.

In the spirit of social responsibility, the members of the executive visited the Cardin Home for the Elderly on Thursday 9th April, and spent time fellowshipping with the residents, sings songs of praise with them, and ministering to them about the word of God.

On Friday 10th April, members of the executive participated in media interviews, to heighten the public’s awareness, that the 4-H organization was still active and working throughout communities, to empower the nation’s youth, staying true to the organization’s motto “To make the best better”.

The children themselves, got involved in the public awareness campaign on Saturday, when they were guests on the ZIZ Radio Show “Totally for Kids”. While on the program the children informed the public about the 4-H organization, the things they learn which include cooking, art and craft, public speaking and caring for rabbits, just to name a few. The children also shared their desire for more children to join youth clubs, which would help them to become more positive role models and help them to stay away from a life of crime and violence.

The 4th year anniversary activities culminated on Sunday, 12th April, with 4-Hers worshipping together at the Stapleton Wesleyan Holiness Church in St. Peter’s.

According to Public Relations Officer of the St. Kitts–Nevis 4-H, Ms. Sonia Boddie, “The activities went very well, and we’re glad that we’re able to  integrally involve the children, staying true to our agricultural roots, and also  giving them a platform to harness their public speaking skills, by allowing them to go on live radio.

The 4-H strives to continually train children in critical areas such as agricultural literacy, healthy living, citizenship, leadership and public speaking, as we attempt to mold productive citizens and future leaders of not only our federation, but our world.”

Ms. Boddie further added, “The lifeblood of 4-H is volunteerism, and we are always looking for more leaders to come onboard, to help empower and inspire our youth. It is our hope that we would have a 4-H club in almost every community, as in the days of Mr. Basil Henderson, who was the Founder of this amazing organization in the Federation.”

Currently, there are two active 4-H clubs on St. Kitts in the communities of Old Road and St. Peter’s, and persons desirous of volunteering with the group, or enrolling their children, are asked to contact the General Secretary Ms. Ineta Lake at 660-9575 or 465-2348.


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