St. Kitts-Nevis Ministry of Tourism Hoteliers To Meet with COVID-19 Task Force

Hoteliers in St. Kitts-Nevis are invited to an important meeting on Tuesday 23rd June, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.   at the Marriott Ballroom. Senior officers from the Ministry of Tourism, the St. Kitts Tourism Authority and members of the COVID-19 Task Force will meet with hoteliers to discuss the implementation of critical health and safety protocols at their properties. Hotels on St. Kitts are asked to have one representative ONLY in attendance due to physical distancing protocols. Nevis hoteliers will join the meeting virtually via Zoom.

A similar meeting was held two weeks ago on Wednesday 10th June, 2020 at the Royal St. Kitts conference room to discuss plans to reopen the economy, beginning with bars and restaurants.  The dialogue now continues with hoteliers, to ensure that stakeholders are given the opportunity to give feedback and recommendations on the way forward in the tourism industry, and to give every assurance to potential visitors and employees at these establishments that their health, safety and well-being are being taken seriously.

At present our borders remain closed to international commercial flights and visitors, so as to prevent and/or delay the possibility of importing new cases of COVID-19. However, a proactive and coordinated effort continues to be made to engage local, regional and international partners on the opportune time and conditions under which to open our borders.

Kindly note the following guidelines for attendance at the meeting:

  • All individuals are required to wear masks and to keep them on at all times while at the meeting.
  • All hands will be sanitized before entering the meeting.
  • Seating will follow social distancing protocols.

Thanks ALL for your kind cooperation and patience as we continue to work together to ensure and support a safe and efficiently managed tourism sector. Please make every effort to be present and punctual.

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