St. Kitts & Nevis to pioneer a new National Sport Policy based on UNESCO advice

By SKN National Commission for UNESCO,

In a brief ceremony at the Sandy Point Recreational Facility, on May 29, the Secretary General to the SKN National Commission for UNESCO, Dorothy Warner, officially handed over the National Sport Policy and Sport Policy Strategic Plan to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Sport Hon. Shawn Richards. The project signals a pioneering plan to revolutionize the sporting sector in the Federation. These documents are an in-depth assessment and series of recommendations on the institutionalization and development of sport.

This new set of guidelines, the first ever assessment of the Federation’s sport policy, comes at a time when citizens, inclusive of school children and athletes, are eagerly anticipating the resumption of sport and recreation.

The project, which was funded by UNESCO, is tailored to address the virtues of sport in improving health, as well as the overall governance of a national sport plan.

Trinidadian, Mark Mungal, the UNESCO accredited sport policy expert engaged an extensive representation of the public to create products that transcend age and gender and speak to equality for all.

The four main focus areas for government consideration are Pathways to Excellence, Health- Promoting Physical Activity, Sport as a Tool for development and Sport Enterprise.

He was tasked with facilitating the creation of the documents and ensured that despite the challenges created by the lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Sport Policy was completed by the stipulated May 30 deadline.

St. Kitts and Nevis’ Ambassador to UNESCO His Excellency Dr. David Doyle had successfully negotiated an extension for the completion of the project.

Upon hearing of its completion, he commented, “We have collectively delivered the UNESCO-funded sport project on time, within the allocated budget and, most importantly, in accordance with the highest standards of expertise in the development of a National Sport Policy framework. My appreciation to all”

Minister of Sport, Richards, on receiving the documents, which would now be presented to Cabinet for approval stated, “With this comprehensive and wide-ranging framework for developing a National Sport Policy, we aim to pursue a sport culture that supports a healthy, active population enjoying quality sport, physical education, physical activity and recreation in a thriving sport sector.”

UNESCO provided expertise to the Government of St. Kitts & Nevis based on the specific UNESCO International Charter of Physical Education, Physical Activity and Sport.

This highlights the importance of quality factors that are essential to the development of values such as teamwork, respect for self and others, respect for rules and laws, as well as fair play, equality, excellence and commitment.

Photo: Secretary General to the SKN National Commission for UNESCO, Dorothy Warner, presents documents to Minister of Sport, Hon. Shawn Richard

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