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St Kitts wins Miss Caribbean Culture crown

Brown competed against and outshone eleven other Caribbean beauties to win the title at the show held in Nevis on 1st August. Prior to this final show, the pageant coordinators on Saturday, 30th July, hosted the swimwear segment. Each beauty modelled on stage in One-piece, Two-piece and All-White swimwear.

On the final night contestants participated in Interview, Talent, Evening Wear and the top five in Final Question and Answer. The scores from the swimwear, interview, talent and evening wear segments were tallied and the top 5 contestants from St Kitts, Anguilla, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda and Trinidad and Tobago were asked to step to the front.

In the final question and answer segment, contestants, the top five contestants came on stage, one by one, and were asked the same question. Though they all did their best in answering, eyes were glued on Dominica and Trinidad and Tobago who many thought had both provided the best answers.

Many persons said the young ladies’ gave impressive performances and made it difficult to choose a winner.

The results were as follow:

Best One-Piece Swimwear- St. Kitts
Best Two-Piece Swimwear- St. Kitts
Best All-White Swimwear- St. Kitts
Best On-Stage Interview- Dominica
Best Talent- St. Kitts
Best Evening Gown- St. Kitts
Best Final Interview- Trinidad and Tobago

Best Promotional Video- St. Kitts
Miss Amity- Dominican Republican
Miss Photogenic- Dominica

Antigua and Barbuda’s representative Leanda-Ann Norville copped the 2nd runner up position. Tasia Floissac of Dominica was adjudged 1st runner up. Floissac, about one week ago won the Miss Jaycees International Pageant held in Antigua.

To sounds of screams, cheers and loud applause, Khyla Brown was crowned the 2016 Miss Caribbean Culture queen.

Photo courtesy Nevis Culturama Festival


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