St. Kitts/Aganar is a Win-Win says USAID

According to USAID representative Mr. Mansfield Blackwood, there were two outstanding benefits. “The programme here in St. Kitts started the process of working with persons inside of the prisons, so that was significant for AGANAR as far as lessons learnt…,” he said. “Additionally the Ministry of Education requested an extension to the programme so that school children could benefit which brought in a new, younger cohort of participants.”

AGANAR is a Sport for Development Youth Programme which is run throughout the Hemisphere. Starting first in Honduras and Guatemala, it was brought to the Eastern Caribbean namely St. Kitts and Nevis and St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2009. Over a period of time, USAID and Partners of the Americas added additional resources into the programme after seeing very obvious benefits among youths.

The broad objective of the programme being positive engagement following graduation, it was found that AGANAR was achieving its goal admirably. Several youth were either employed almost immediately following graduation; they returned to school or they found employment.

The components of training of participants came in three phases; employability skills; vocational skills and entrepreneurial training; as well as Internship, mentorship and alumni support.

Director of the National Skills Training Programme Mrs. June James said the close out of the programme is especially gratifying knowing that so many youth have benefitted positively and stand as role models for other youth.

One course participant, Dion Brown, delivered an impressive speech at the close out celebration last week stating that the project’s impact had been dynamic. Mr. Brown was able to represent St.

Kitts at the United Nations Sports for Development Leadership Conference. This was made possible by his involvement in the AGANAR programme.

The final group of participants graduated from the programme on Thursday September 3, 2015. Seventy nine (79) persons registered and sixty-three (63) completed all phases.

They were among approximately 2,200 youths who participated in the programme over the past two years.

The AGANAR programme has been conducted in the Eastern Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Honduras, Guatemala, Haiti, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia and Suriname.



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