St. Lucia Seeks International assistance to Combat Crime

Foreign Minister Rufus Bousquet said the local authorities were having a difficult time dealing with the spate of murders, which reached a record 48 last year.

He said there appeared to be no let up in the murders, with six people being killed so far this year.

The CMC reported that Bousquet said, “I will be the first to admit that crime in St Lucia has reached alarming proportions and I don’t believe that beyond giving technical assistance to the government or to the police that foreign officers such as persons within the Israeli Defence Force or the American armed forces are willing to come out here and put their personnel on the line.

“Or the question must be asked as to whether you do not want to engage in something like this that could result in some level of international discomfort.”

He said, while the Israelis were dealing with their own problems in the Arab world, they have nonetheless indicated a willingness to help, as the Stephenson King administration pursues various strategies to deal with the crime situation.


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