St. Lucian shipped from Nevis to Trinidad to face fraud charges

Information reaching indicated that 39-year-old Andy Boulogna was arrested in Trinidad on approximately 11 counts of fraud and he was granted bail. However, information suggests that when the case was called, Boulogna was no where to be found. understands that officers in Nevis learnt of the situation via an online media house and subsequently spotted the wanted man in Nevis. Also, two individuals in Nevis had filed complaints against Boulogna concerning non-payment of monies.

He was reportedly taken into police custody and arrested on 24th November, which was when it was realized that his immigration status was not regularized. The wanted man, however, subsequently made good on payment to the persons who complained him and regularized his immigration status and agreed to return to Trinidad to face trial there. 

MiyVue understands that he St. Lucian boarded a Liat flight on the evening of Tuesday, 30th November, which flew to Antigua en route to Trinidad where the authorities there are expected to take control of the situation.

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