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St. Lucia’s Housing Minister told to demit office

“We will not settle for anything else,” insisted St. Lucia Labour Party spokesperson Jadia Jn Pierre Emmanuel during a media conference on Tuesday.

“Richard Frederick must go or the Prime Minister needs to dissolve the House and call elections. We really are not about to sit idly by and allow the government to continue in a manner where the voice of the people don’t matter, where the reputation of this country is being put on the line in the name of protecting their personal jobs.”

On Monday, Prime Minister Stephenson King said he was inquiring into the matter.

But the SLP spokesperson accused the prime minister of trying to use delay tactics.

“As head of the Government of St. Lucia he has greater access to the information than the head of mission anywhere in the world, It only requires that he picks up the phone and calls the appropriate US authority. The fact that the matter also involves the revocation of his Minister’s diplomatic visa gives him legitimacy to utilize the protocol accorded to persons of his office,” she stated.

First Vice President of the ruling United Workers Party Oswald Augustine said the organisation will survive despite the controversy.

“We must remember that the United Workers Party is a great party. It has been there for almost 50 years and whatever happens, the party will survive,” he said.

Frederick has remained silent on the matter.


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