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Stacy Hobson Ole Time Mas Maker

But gone are the days of Wind, Mallet, Rickie Bassue, Turkey De Gun, Ricky Skerritt and so many others who would come out each year to thrill the spectators. It is one of those old and great aspects of carnival that is missing so badly and in need of a revival.

fan-with-stacyHobson however has continued the tradition and this year he was at it again; moving around the city of Basseterre with his donkey, equipped with signage to illustrate what he was portraying on this occasion. His theme, as is the case with this type of mas, was political.

As his sign read, “And if he think, ‘pouf’, he will be in Dubhai without us, he lie”, while the one on his donkey stated, “Finally the jackass running out of time”. A large clock was also posted at the rear of the donkey to reinforce the concept of time quickly passing by.

It being satirical, it was left up to the public to determine the target of his message.

Jackass-stacy-and-fanHe was hit with tourists, residents and returning nationals. Many rushed for photographs with the veteran mas player, who is also well known for the outstanding carnival troupes that he produced in the 1980s and early 1990s; winning many carnival titles.

Of late he has shifted his contribution to the j’ouvert comic pieces that are looked forward to by the public.


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