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Standards bureau alerts public of tainted bottled water

Specifically, the release informs, “Consumers should not drink any water that was distributed from Island Purified Water within the last two weeks, as it may result in diarrheal illness.”

The release explains that samples of the bottled waters failed tests carried out by the Bureau, but does not identify for the public the actual source, or cause, of the concern.

Meanwhile, the Department of Environmental Health “has initiated a programme to remove from consumption all bottled water produced by Island Purified Water within the last two weeks.”

According to the information, the removal of IPW bottled water from sales circulation is being done out of caution, and explains that further tests will be done and corrective measures pursued.

The release states further, “The St. Kitts and Nevis Bureau of Standards, in collaboration with the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Ministry of Health, is actively addressing this matter and will keep the public duly informed.”

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