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Statement of Chief Executive Officer of the West Indies Cricket Board Mr. Michael Muirhead

Before I delve into the details, I wish to return to my comments at the time of the announcement of my appointment.

I am indeed delighted at the confidence that the Board has reposed in me and stand committed to advancing the policies of the Board.

I thank President Hunte, Vice President Dave Cameron, Director Garner who is here and all the other Directors for this incomparable opportunity to serve our great regional game.

Indeed we are at a historic moment in West Indies Cricket when the West Indies team has just won the ICC World Twenty20 Tournament, our first world title in 8 years and fourth since the 1970s. Like President Hunte and Director Garner, I congratulate the team for their win but I also thank them for rolling the pitch for my innings as CEO.

I commend too, the West Indies Women’s team for their contributions to the preparation of the pitch.

We are also at a juncture where West Indies Cricket is coming out of a difficult season of change. The season is not yet complete but I would like to think that we have emerged from the roughest waters.

I enter West Indies Cricket at a time when the foundation for the future success of the game has been laid and I must recognize the work of the Board of Directors and the former CEO Dr. Ernest Hilaire in this regard.

Theirs was the unenviable task of taking unpopular and robust decisions in setting that foundation in place.

My mandate is to continue the work. My guide will be the WICB Strategic Plan 2011 – 2016 which is already being implemented and the success of which we are already realising.

I wish to state, emphatically, that I believe that the Strategic Plan is the best guide for the future success of West Indies cricket and the continued implementation of it is critical.

I am aware that my name has not been one which has been widely known regionally prior to the announcement of my appointment. I have been warned and have already begun experiencing the dramatic changes which I know will only broaden with each day on the job. Meeting immigration officers, executives, taxi drivers, colleagues, fans have taken on an entirely different meaning in the past month.

These various individuals, including one man in Jamaica who insisted on walking alongside my car while refusing to allow me to drive off, have, in their own unique way, wished me well but have also given me advice on all the decisions and actions which need to be taken.

If ever I was in doubt, and I was not, of the unmatched and unmatchable regional force that is West Indies Cricket, it has been thoroughly reinforced in my mind.

I am aware too that I will be subject to criticism and we know that when this is the case with our Caribbean brothers and sisters as it regards cricket it is unlikely to only be of the mild variety. I appeal for patience as I assure you that decisions taken will always be in the best interest of West Indies Cricket.

I stand committed to serving the game to ensure its future success. I see the West Indies brand as a powerful global brand, one which must be better exploited in the best interest of the game. I see the product that we have as a strong one which must be given the support it needs for consistent success.

I see the WICB Board of Directors and the Management as ultimately being of service to our game, our brand and our product. And this will be my philosophy and guiding principle as I serve the game and the people of the Caribbean as Chief Executive Officer of the West Indies Cricket Board.

Thank you.

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