Still KILLING Us SOFTLY: Happy 37th Birthday LAURYN HILL

She came in the game rocking her natural hair, spitting intellectual lyrics and sporting a beautiful brown-skinned face that turned the heads of millions.  With her iconic album The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, she struck a cord with fans around the world with her perspectives on social issues, love and self-development.

And though her musical output is slow, Lauryn continues to give back, recently support some education projects in the Dominican Republic.  She said,

“I think when you talk about a people being oppressed, it is important to look at who is actively oppressing them and then try to understand why. The amount of effort put into that act is usually a direct reflection of the potential those oppressed people possess and what their contribution could be under other circumstances.”

Keep on giving back Lauryn……and throw an album in there too!

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