Some Doubt but fans Still Expected to Support Music Festival

However, two weeks after the official announcement of the final Line-up of Artistes, the mixed reviews are continuing within the local community, as fans continue to express their opinions on the performers that are scheduled to appear.

Some have expressed satisfaction that American R&B singer Lionel Richie has been announced as the front line act for the festival; especially the more matured audience. And there are others who have given thumps-up to the large number of local soca bands that have been included.

These include: Nu Vybes Band International, Small Axe, Grand Masters and Kore Band out of Nevis.

The controversy however over the exclusion of the Kollision Band, which placed second (2nd), in the 2012-2013 Road March Competition for carnival is one issue that still seems to be occupying the attention of festival watchers.

Some continue to argue that it is unfair that the group was not even given a chance to grace the stage for a short appearance, while other acts have been recycled after benefiting from multiple bookings on the festival in previous years.

There are those in the public who also feel a few of the younger and inexperienced artistes that have gotten the nod, perhaps needed some more time before they were given the opportunity to share the stage with International acts.

In an effort to better appreciate the thoughts of the public, launched a poll to find out the views of Kittitians and Nevisians.

The question posed to readers of was: “Are you impressed with the 2013 Music Festival Line up?”

A majority of those who participated, 75%, expressed the opinion that they were not impressed. Less than 12% said they were excited with the line-up.

The results of the poll were:

No- 75%

Not Sure- 13.6%

Yes- 11.4%

While fans may have had their hopes on other big name artistes, the festival Chairman, Faron Lawrence, during the line-up release on 1st May, was at pains to explain that sometimes it proves very challenging to get the acts that one would very like to have at the festival.

The issues of cost, availability and scheduling, he said, have for years affected the committee in attracting certain major acts. As proven in some years, however when similar sentiments of disappointment were raised by some in the public, it is expected that both local and visiting fans will again turn out in their large numbers to support the festival, which will run from Thursday 27th– Saturday 30th June, 2013, at the Warner Park Stadium, in Basseterre.


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