Stop digging your graves with your fingers, spoons, forks

Fittz-George Rattray:

WHEN fathers and father figures are actively involved in a child’s life their importance in development is unmistakable. The presence of fathers and grandfathers in a family unit lessens lawbreaking, school dropout rates, risky sex, and promotes the pursuance of healthy relationships, higher education, a healthier physiology, and IQ scores.

Naturally, you probably know many highly successful single-parent family households, some without any male influence whatsoever.

Mothers are amazing, but one person holding on to the needs of children, the challenges of life, and the challenges of adolescence is like one person holding out their arms to control a crowd, as opposed to two or more people working together to direct and manage the same crowd.

For those many fortunate families who have a father or father figure with a consistent positive presence, the next challenge is how do we keep these men alive for our children and their children?

Males often die before the women in their lives, long before their potential benefits of the contributions to their children’s lives and the lives of their grandchildren are anywhere near complete.

What has been taking the men away?

You may have heard it before, but there are factors which can lessen our quality of life and duration, such as environment, nutrition, genetics, and risky behaviours. Specifically, the top 10 causes of male deaths, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are heart disease, cancer, injuries, chronic lower respiratory diseases, stroke, diabetes, suicide, Alzheimer’s, influenza and pneumonia, and chronic liver disease.

When you look at these diseases, 60 per cent have known nutritional factors. There isn’t very much we at the Intekai Academy can do to help with avoiding unintentional injuries, smoking, excessive drinking, crime, and violence, but we can help you keep your fathers around longer, and fathers, we can help you spend valuable functional years with your family by helping you to understand your nutrition and to live healthily and naturally.

How do we keep our father figures alive and healthy?

Regardless of how fit you are, how slim you are, if you are not “fuelling your body” with enough of the right, essential, healing materials you are walking closer and closer to the inevitable. To paraphrase what an ITK member and father, who is living this life of awareness and health discipline, said earlier this week: “The philosophy is in appreciating the impact of different foods on your health and staying in range of informed health objectives. Anything less is simply gambling with our health and future.”

Here I offer you a few known truths of foods and wellness:

• Avoid processed foods: If your ancient ancestors didn’t ingest it your body does not know how to get rid of it effectively.

• Avoid processed meats: If you cannot look at it and see the muscle pattern and tell exactly what kind of meat it is by sight, it is likely to shorten your life.

• Keep your animal source saturated fats as low as possible. Do your homework or avoid altogether.

• If you have to use processed products, always read the labels and nutritional values.

• Avoid refined sugars and their products.

• In the case of sugars, in natural foods, avoid having more than 50 grams per day.

• Avoid flour products or stick to whole grain only.

• Learn to love vegetables: Have it any healthy way you like, but have it, oxygen is toxic, eating and producing energy in our cells create free radicals or unstable atoms which damage cells and DNA. When DNA is damaged they play a role in cancer development. The antioxidants in vegetables will help to protect your body from the risk of cell damage and/or cancer development. The more colours, the better.

• Have a fruit a day for more of those wonderful antioxidants.

• Learn about oils. Which ones are healthy? Which can be heated?

• Have at least five grams of fibre per day.

• Avoid having more than 1/2 to 3/4 tsp of salt in total per day.

• Get the knowledge and support needed for your lifestyle improvements from a group with the knowledge and resources to support your changes.

I really could continue, but hopefully you are doing more with your Father’s Day than reading. So, to all fathers, father figures and those who benefit from their lives, I leave you with this: No more digging your graves with your fingers spoons and forks, but, instead, use them to pave a healthy, happy and beneficial future for you and yours.

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