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Strength of Women Highlighted at VOW Award Ceremony

The women were recognised by Voice of Women (VOW) on the morning of Thursday, 16th June, 2011 at a ceremony which was held at the Red Cross Building, Charlestown, Nevis.

Premier of Nevis, Joseph Parry, was the featured speaker at the event and while delivering remarks, he reflected on the contributions which were made to his upbringing and those who had a hand in moulding him into the man that he has become.

According to a NIA press release, Parry noted that in many homes, women wear many hats and perform the roles of mother, father, economist, disciplinarian, economist etc. The release also indicated that Mr. Parry made special mention of his grandmother, whom he indicated regularly gave him 25 cents and would indicate to him that “this is my last money, but I want you to have a good lunch.”

“This is what I mean, since time immemorial, our women have gone without and sacrificed so that their children or people close to them wouldn’t have to,” commented the Premier, “this incredible inner-strength has long been the trademark of generations of Nevisian women.”

Premier Parry suggested to the extraordinary women who were being honoured, that they catalogue their stories of strength, preservation and courage and that those stories be told.

He described the awardees as “talented and skilled women” who have contributed to the building of this nation.


(Parts of this article were written with content submitted in a Nevis Island Administration press release)


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