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Stuart optimistic policies will reverse Barbados economic woes

“We are doing what we think we need to do to get Barbados back to where it should be,” Stuart told supporters of the Democratic Labour Party on Sunday night.

Prime Minister Stuart was critical of the opposition whom he said had been giving the impression to the outside world that his administration was the worst ever in the island’s history.

“You imagine that a government of men and women that have navigated Barbados through the longest economic downturn since the great depression and the deepest economic crisis in the last 100 years and Barbados is still standing; children are still going to school; people are still getting their healthcare; we still have a public transport system that is functioning; you can still sleep comfortably at night without fear of molestation; and it all has to do with the fact that the wrong set of people, according to them, are responsible for the administration of this country.”

He said despite the ongoing economic situation that has resulted in his administration having to implement a programme that would result in the retrenchment of 3,000 public workers in the coming months, “a civilised discourse has to take place in Barbados”.

A senior member of the Cabinet has been critical of the government’s policy and public sector trade unions have called for a review of the retrenchment programme.

Stuart said that he cannot be bribed nor bought and would always insist on principles and codes of ethics.

“I just want to make it clear though for the record. Freundel Jerome Stuart is not for sale. I do not know of any of the Ministers around me who are for sale. We insist on the pursuit of the highest standards of public administration in Barbados.

, “I talk to repeat visitors who come to Illaro Court … who say to me ‘You have a beautiful island. This is our slice of paradise.’ And while they are saying that, you have an Opposition Leader trying to give the impression this is the worst place in the world.

“ I just want to assure you that the government of Barbados that you elected in 2013, in the month of February, one year ago, which you elected in 2008 for the first time, is on top of what is happening in Barbados.” 

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