Suriname couple jailed for prostituting underage girls

Judge Sieglien Wijnhard sentenced 47-year-old husband, identified as Birju K and his 40-year-old wife Nirmaladebie to five years in prison for human trafficking. They were also fined US$1,500.

The judge also sentenced a “customer” identified only as Soerish R, 43, to two years in prison, while another customer, 28-year-old Nalini A. was given a 21 month jail term after she caught in a local hotel with one of the teenage girls.

The judge said the actions of the adults had been “destructive” and that the husband and wife team had taken advantage of the trust the girls put in them when they handed them over to adults to engage in sex. The girls, whose names were not given during the trial, told the court that they had been forced into prostitution by the couple and that they were also tortured with burning cigarettes when they dared to refuse to engage in sexual activity, smoke or drink alcohol.


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