Survery shows more acceptance of gays

The 2014 survey released by CADRES suggests that the region is becoming more tolerant of homosexuality.

The survey, which assessed individuals from across several demographics including, gender, race, religion, income and education, asked respondents to give their opinions on homosexual lifestyles and their attitudes towards them.

While the full study has yet to be released, figures from Trinidad and Guyana show that only 36% and 25 % of their respective populations, could be considered “genuinely homophobic”.

According to the report, women and youth tend to be more accepting of homosexual lifestyles, while the highly religious and “less educated” are more likely to be homophobic.

Respondents also indicated that while they believe homosexuality is a choice, they do not support violence against homosexuals in any form.

With regard to anti-gay legislation, like the buggery law, the individuals surveyed noted that they would only support a change of law if it could be proven that these statutes were contributing to the spread of HIV and AIDS.


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