Tabernacle Residents Support First Community Testing Day for 2011


The testing was held on Thursday, 3rd February, in the Tabernacle area and according to a press release issued by the St. Kitts Nevis Information Service (SKNIS), 48 persons were tested. 

As customary, there was free Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT), where persons were counselled before and, if necessary, after the administration of the test. There was also the distribution of HIV/AIDS literature, along with male and female condom placement demonstrations. Persons who took the test received a free $10 top-up upon their return for their same day test results, complement’s LIME. 

According to Health Educator Lucine Pemberton, the National AIDS Secretariat was delighted that persons in the community recognized the importance of getting tested.  She added that her unit offered the service of free VCT on the community level since March 27, 2008. 

Ms. Pemberton revealed that this Testing Day had one additional feature in that persons who attended were also offered free blood glucose and blood pressure screening.  She explained that this was possible due to the efforts of the Ministry of Health’s District Team which consists of nursing attendants and community workers. 

The Health Educator took the opportunity to thank all partners involved including the Health District Team, LIME and the Government Laboratory located at the Joseph N. France General Hospital, which is responsible for the Rapid-Delayed HIV Testing which ensures that persons tested receive same-day testing results.  She explained that the next Community Testing Day is scheduled for June 2011.

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