Taiwan youth ambassadors to perform in federation

The delegation will visit the federation Sept. 2 to 5, and it comprises 16 college and graduate students from music, dancing, performing arts and other fields, one professor from performing arts. The delegation is led by Director General Bor-Show Chen of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China.

According to the Embassy’s information, the group will conduct a stage performance that combines dance, music, and Mandarin language themes, so as to introduce Taiwan to the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.  The performance, Energetic New Taiwan, is divided into 12 acts and focuses on six main aspects: natural environment, LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), cultural heritage, cuisine, cultural creativity and warmth.

It is scheduled to be held at Nevis Performance Art Centre(NePAC) and the auditorium of Eastern Caribbean Central Bank from 7 pm to 8:30 pm, September 3 and 4 respectively. The Program is open to public.

According to the Embassy, the Republic of China (Taiwan) has conducted the International Youth Ambassadors Exchange Program since 2009.  “Based on the experiences and results of the overseas trips made by Youth Ambassadors over the past six years, the program this year has been designed to ensure continued innovation, while also retaining successful elements of previous years,” the communiqué states.

It continued, “This program, which allows talented Taiwanese youth to participate in international affairs and broaden their horizons, has increased understanding of our country’s development among various sectors of the host countries. In addition, through a wide array of exchanges and interactions, the Youth Ambassadors have demonstrated Taiwan’s important role on the international stage, as a provider of humanitarian aid, promoter of cultural exchanges and standard-bearer of Chinese culture.”

The delegation will perform under the theme, ‘Youth from Taiwan, Compassion for All,’ highlighting “the vitality and kindness of Taiwanese youth, but also reiterating their commitment to issues of global concern such as humanitarian aid and sustainable development”.

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