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Taiwan’s Ambassador Congratulates Premier Parry

A release from the Premier’s office indicated that a congratulatory letter was sent to the Premier, in which the ambassador stated that the Premier’s track record of fairness and desire of service to humanity is being celebrated and honored by the people from all walks of life in Nevis.

According to the release the ambassador said he was hopeful that the continued friendship and solidarity “will allow me and my colleagues in Taiwan to employ your model of good governance and sound economic longevity.”

The Ambassador concluded, “Your people have given you the mandate to conduct the affairs of the country on their behalf. I am sure that under your dynamic leadership Nevis will continue to grow and experience great progress in the coming years.”

The ambassador is also reported to have said, “Premier Parry’s resounding victory at the polls reflects my conviction that (his) total commitment is to the people of Nevis”.



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