Tamera Mowry Shares Her Curly Hair Secrets

On her blog, Tamera suggests that everyone (even those of us with tight, hard to manage curls) can achieve her soft bouncy curls by simply drying our hair with a cotton tee instead of a towel which causes split ends.

Today I wanted to share a beauty trick with you all that will help your hair stay smooth! Now that I’ve been wearing my hair curly, I find that towel drying after the shower makes it frizzy and tangled. You might have heard that you’re not supposed to rub your hair in a towel because it creates friction and can lead to split ends. But I noticed that even when I squeeze my hair with a towel, it either seems to remove any of the treatment I put on it in the shower or makes my hair frizzy and rough. The solution? Simple…a t-shirt! That’s right – a simple cotton t-shirt will help de-frizz your hair and keep it healthy. This works well for my curly-haired sisters especially because it gently dries your hair without messing with the natural curl pattern.

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