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Tasha Smith Gets Pretty In Pink For BE Magazine

In a spring ready dress, newlywed Tasha Smith is looking pretty in pink for the new BE cover.

On how she differs from her fast-talking sassy characters

“I’m really a homebody, my friends always joke with me BEcause they think I’m the one that’s gonna shut down the party, but I’m usually the one at home in BEd by 10.”

On what married life is like

“My mornings start off with me waking up, giving my husband a kiss, & making us some tea…”

Tasha stars alongside her Why Did I Get Married? co-star Michael Jai White in Tyler Perry’s TBS show “For Better or For Worse.”  And recently released a unisex fragrance, called US, with her new husband Keith Douglas.



Photog: Bobby Quillard


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