Taylor Swift’s Biggest Songs Get Mashed Up by Todrick Hall

The American Idol alum, who has scored his own MTV show, slays a mashup of T.Swift’s greatest hits in this epic YouTube video.

“Blank Space,” “Style,” and “Bad Blood” are among the songs getting the Todrick treatment.

We can’t say we’re shocked by his soaring vocals, which have rocked Broadway and YouTube, because the 30-year-old star is known for his amazing voice.

Serious question, though: How does he manage to make this choreography super-awesome, all while seated in an office chair?

This is all we’ll be practicing for the rest of the day.

His skills are so impressive that even Taylor herself has taken notice on Twitter!

To which the MTV star replied: “NIGHT = MADE, Thank you so much! You have no idea how you’ve just made my entire night!”

Hope you’re ready, Todrick, because we have a list of more mashups we want to see next!


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