Teachers benefit from professional day

This is a responsibility that they have to carry, despite current challenges that make great demands on the education system and the teachers at all schools, including the Newton Ground Primary and St. Paul’s Primary Schools understand the value of working together, as Ministry, community and school, to achieve common goals, never mind the odds.

Therefore, on Monday 17th February, 2014, the annual Joint Staff Professional Development Day, for teachers at the St. Paul’s and Newton Ground Primary Schools, was held under the theme, “Enhancing Best Practices for Interactive Ongoing Development”.

Education Officer and Chairperson, Daryll Lloyd said the two schools not only serve over the years as models, but they continue to demonstrate positive approaches and best practices today, as evidenced by the workshop.

Topics covered during the Development Day included Staff Collegiality and the Civil Service Act: What we need to know, Teaching of Mathematics and Professionalism in the Workplace.

The group was also addressed by the Chief Education Officer, Clarice Cotton, who told them that the Ministry of Education encourages Professional Development Days and also encourages teachers to do their own personal professional development.

Ms. Cotton added that one of the things the Ministry looks at when it evaluates its principals is their instructional leadership, that is, whether they are encouraging staff to learn and if they are providing opportunities for the staff to learn and develop.

“So when principals come and say they want to have a professional development day, we always say yes, because this goes towards instructional leadership,” Ms. Cotton noted.

The Chief Education Officer further noted that that the day is also encouraged because one of the goals in the Ministry is to provide lifelong learning for the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis.

“That means all of us should never stop learning, it should be ongoing and as teachers we have to pass on that to our students.”  

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