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Teachers Exposed to New Techniques

The one day session was organized and hosted by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank on Wednesday 26th September, 2012.

In the workshop, teachers from both St. Kitts and Nevis as well as others in the OECS were educated about how they can improve in their jobs

The educators were also engaged in numerous games and activities based on the material being covered. The course covered topics such as using creative thinking to solve problems, using training techniques effectively, understanding learning styles among other topics delivered by ECCB Adviser Sybil Welsh.

Participants exchanged views on key matters regarding money management and the current economic climate.train1

The teachers were schooled on how to use creative thinking techniques as well as visual, auditory and hands-on teaching tools to prepare information and engage students in discussions on business.

The course was welcomed by the participants who praised the organizers for facilitating such a key workshop and discussion that will assist in the development of the nation’s youth

The workshop sought to provide information, practical skills and a greater understanding of finance management.

It was attended by approximately two dozen educators.train2


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