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Team Unity celebrates in Nevis after winning elections

Hundreds of cars, buses and trucks rolling through the streets of Nevis, with hundreds if not thousands of supporters waving their blue flags which showed support for the Concern Citizens Movement (CCM).

While others waved their yellow flags with the Peoples Action Movement all spelt out, several others had the orange flag of the People’s Labour Party stuck to their vehicles.

The sounds of whistles and drums echoed in the streets, as numerous supporters joined the procession, which moved through the streets of constituencies. They all converged on the Charlestown waterfront, where a gathering of thousands came to see the newly elected members of Team Unity.

Powerful speakers broadcasted the swearing-in ceremony of Dr. Timothy Harris as prime minister and Vincent Byron as attorney general that brought loud cheers from the large crowd.

free-at-lastThe sea of blue, yellow and orange danced to music belted out by the Nu Vybes Band International, as they awaited the arrival of the prime minister, the attorney general and other St. Kitts based members of Team Unity.

The boisterous crowd applauded the Team Unity candidates for their participation in the recently held general elections, including those who were not successful.

Team Unity won 7 of the 11 seats that were on offer during the general elections.

[Editor’s note: Starting 1st March 2015, would become]



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