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Team UNITY Leader Dr. Timothy Harris Outlines Plans for Nevis in Historic Address to Parliament

Basseterre, St.Kitts (TUCOM):-In a powerfully cogent and captivating address to the Parliament on Wednesday 10th December, 2014 Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, Leader of Team Unity took time to defend the interests of Nevisians and the island of Nevis and to outline how a Team Unity government will work for on behalf of Nevis.

As a public duty we publish below the text of Dr Harris’ statement.

“Nevis is a part of our federation.  I am the son of a Nevisian father born Godfrey Nisbette in Cotton Ground, Nevis and the son of a Kittitian mother, Margaret Harris. I love Nevis and I love St. Kitts. Those who love build,” 

My love for Nevis, enjoins me to work hard for Nevis and Nevisians. I pledge to give Nevis its best years in a federal government because IT’s TIME.  The Nevisians who listened yesterday’s Parliament may have every right to say Nevis did not feature much.  Nevis is an afterthought, an add on for a Police Station, an arena for narrow political agenda of an outgoing regime.  IT’s TIME for Nevis not to be an afterthought.

Team Unity knows that Nevisians deserve better.  We offer all Nevisians equal opportunity in the Federal government because IT’s TIME!

We will work cooperatively with Nevis Island Administration to bring a better life to all the people of Nevis because IT’s TIME!!

Specifically we will:

1.  Financially support the commercialization of the geothermal project in Nevis, clearing the way for jobs for                    Nevisians and Kittitians, the development of a wide range of specialized skill sets and a tradable product bringing        millions in foreign exchange as our pipelines go yonder to Puerto Rico and elsewhere distributing geothermal.  We        will see significant cost savings in energy.

2.  We will share the SIDF resources equitably.  To address the unfairness, the bias of the Federal government in              distributing the resources of the SIDF, we will provide a lump sum payment to Nevis a goodwill measure and                acknowledgement that an injustice was done to NIA, and represents an injustice to all Nevisians. We will of                  course do a forensic audit of the SIDF Slush Fund and we will hold them accountable for breach of trust and                  misfeasance if applicable.

3.     We will ensure that the European Union Funds will be shared equitably.

4.     We will ensure equitable participation in our Embassies and Missions.

We pledge never again

–     will Nevis be treated as an afterthought.

–     will political activists on National Bank Board attempt to bully NIA.

–     will the cheques of NIA be dishonored on the altar of political expediency

–     will the nurses in Nevis be called upon to defy the instructions of their Minister of Health, be he be Mark                       Brantley or Hensley Daniel.

–    will a federal government renege on its responsibilities to the people of Nevis in the case of fire or threat to                  their safety and security.

We recognize that when Nevis succeeds St. Kitts and Nevis succeeds. Four Seasons in Nevis is the biggest draw of high spending tourists to our federation.  Nevis provides examples of successful managed small island. We can learn from Nevis.

Under Premier Amory’s outstanding leadership Nevis has become a model of a well manage island!!”

We are committed to Restoring Democracy and Promoting Prosperity in St. Kitts and Nevis. We invite you to join our cause.


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