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Technology Expert Comes to the Aid of Primary School

As a result, students and faculty are now better equipped to handle the challenges of online research, computer training and other learning requirements via the internet.

Several Computers at the Beach Allen Primary School were upgraded with enhanced software bringing them in line with the new thrust of E-learning.

Mr. Russell Williams, a locally based technology expert made a personal investment of time and expertise to restore the computers for use by the school.

Minister of Education Hon Nigel Carty commended Mr. Williams highly for his very generous input into the school’s access to technological learning and called on other professionals to do likewise in their respective fields.

The minister said as a result of Mr. Williams’ charity the students would be able to aspire towards careers supported by Information and Communications Technology (ICT) such as computer programming, information system management, computer technology, database programming and the like.

Minister Carty also applauded Mr. Williams for his use of open source software which is free thereby drastically reducing the cost of operation and maintenance.

According to the minister, proprietary of software sold on the market are often expensive and need upgrading constantly, whereas open source can be updated free of cost online if necessary.

The students, teachers and school administrators were asked to make good use of their refurbished computers and to take care of them to take the greatest advantage of their newly updated software.

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