Teen Sensation Briannagh Dennehy Spreads “Everlasting Love.”

“Everlasting Love” is a vibrant and incredibly soulful masterpiece that is the embodiment of love in all facets of life. It is ode to the significant people in our lives who continue to inspire us. In her new song, Briannagh honors mentors and guardians, including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, teachers, coaches or anyone who serves as an inspiration for others. The smooth sound also sets the stage for Briannagh to be recognized as a legitimate contender for the next “big voice” in the music industry.

Briannagh is a modern day musical prodigy whose sights are set on bringing an exciting blend of talent to the music industry and ultimately becoming the next teen music sensation to hit the US. The brilliant, blossoming and talented teen is fast becoming one to watch in the industry.

As the daughter of a Caribbean mother and an Irish-American father, who was raised in the New York Metro area, Briannagh has had the privilege of being exposed to a multitude of cultural facets that have helped mold her into the musical sensation that she is today.

A young, vibrant and exceptionally talented young girl, Briannagh Dennehy aims to inspire other girls through song and dance.

“Everlasting Love” is geared at encouraging not just kids, but even adults to cherish and love those who are near and dear to us.

Miss Briannagh Dennehy is on her way to making a positive and lasting impression on her peers and to be recognized for her unique brand of music for generations to come.

Take a listen to Briannagh’s new and soulful song entitled “Everlasting Love.”


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