Teenager Missing After Leaving St. Kitts on Delta Airlines Flight

A report in the Atlanta Journal Newspaper indicates that 18 year old Eustace V. Martin disappeared after arriving at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta.

Martin travelled from St. Kitts on a Delta Airlines flight at 7:30pm, and according to police, he was expected to leave Atlanta on a connecting flight to Canada at 9:45pm that same night, but somehow did not make the flight.

He is said to have been last seen at the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and was preparing to travel on to Seattle then on to Vancouver, Canada.

Martin was returning from St. Kitts after visiting family here and after not arriving as scheduled back in Vancouver, and failing to make contact with him, the police were alerted in Atlanta, where a search has been instituted.

He is approximately 6 feet tall, weighing 160 pounds. He is a black teenager with a low hair cut and clean shaven.

Police in Atlanta are requesting that anyone with information about Eustace Martin should call 911 (Atlanta) or notify the Atlanta Police Department’s Adult Missing Persons Squad, 404-546-5699.


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