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THAT WAS QUICK! Drake Hooked Back Up With His Ex Because Of A Fight With Dollicia?!


Now we’ve learned what supposeldy caused Drake to go back to his ex….

After Drake tweeted about spending the Holidays in L.A. with Dollicia Bryan, and she confirmed via her rep Drake was indeed her new boo…Mr. Graham showed up for his NYE performance with his old girlfriend, Nebby.  She’s the one Drake supposedly wrote “Best I Never Had” about.

We’ve now learned that Drake and Dollicia had a big blowout fight right before Drizzy left for NYC.  And it was all over his colored contacts.cc2ed66b

The two were dining at Villa Blanca in LA.  A source at the restaurant tells us Dollicia was telling Drake she didn’t think it was a good look for him to wear hazel-colored contacts. Drake supposedly got upset and offended.  And as the argument escalated, people in the restaurant witnessed Dollicia just get up from the table and walk away. Drake left the restaurant pissed afterwards.

While this all sounds superficial and crazy, we’re not surprised at all.

We’re told Dollicia stayed in Los Angeles for New Year’s.  Oh wells…

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