That’s it! I quit! I’m moving on…

The story read- Little horse Jack lived way passed the town, somewhere in the country side. Jack was a real worker, he carried the baggage of everyone. He would bray from day to day, “ How can I help you?” to anyone he would come across.  Often being criticized by most he worked with he still walked the walk and talked the talk. Some words spoken towards Jack pierced his perfect leather skin. Jack was a horse that one could not have passed by without some kind of recognition and also one that could have been depended on. He would sometimes encourage his friends not to just sit around and be a horse but be a horse of worth and of some kind of substance.

Jack could have work and work and work for days without thinking of himself.

However, on this bright sunny day- he came to his horse senses, laid flat on his right side and started to think of what would happen if he just rested there for a while, maybe for a day or two.

As he placed his legs on one side and his head bent, it was clear to everyone that Jack- the workaholic- was listening to or had listened to Bruno Mars’ Lazy Song.

He looked on with his bulging brown, no black- Okay we will settle and say Jack had brownish blackish eyes, as everyone tried to struggle with what they had to do because there was no Jack! They appeared to be a bit tense but did not really show it but Jack the good ole overworked horse could have sensed it. Their eyes twitched from time to time in the direction of dear Jack.

Hours, Days, Weeks passed and our friend Jack still lay there motionlessly. He just lifted his feet or bent his head occasionally when questions were posed to him to illustrate that he was doing fine.

His friends began to wonder what was really up with Jack, but little did they know, Jack the workaholic, was as brilliant, exposed and sophisticated as any of them.

He was just waiting to see if he is the one that everyone looks at. If anything could be accomplished without the help of  J-A-C-K!

I had to flip through the pages to get to the end, as I had a lot to get done. My mother was calling me to wash the dishes, I had an essay to finish up and Oh! after I visited my mother in her room; she sent me to the shop so I was interrupted during my reading. I would not have been able to read the whole story anyways.

When I got to the end I was stunned to find out that Jack- humbly exited the life of a workaholic the only thing he loved to do. Why? We may never know. You can jump to conclusions if you if you see it fit to do so.

I know am a bad story teller as  I am sure that you would have liked me to retell the whole story of Jack, the kind hearted horse you were led on to develop the love for.

But, would you say that I am vain, if I go on and on and I prolong the story of my present life?

Yes, that story you just read it one about me. I am Jack, nice to meet you reader.  I have come to the conclusion that even as a born leader, there would come a time where I would just sit back and relax and leave the present state.

I don’t mind assisting persons but when there is no such word as Thanks, or words being cast towards me in an ill-mannered tone- I would just QUIT!

My life can be criticized until when, I don’t mind but should they be cast in positivity I would forever accept.

So, I said all that to say this! At times you could just stand and say: That’s it! I quit! I’m moving!

Say it with me now: I am Jack and  THAT’S IT! IQUIT! I’M MOVING ON!


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