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The Federation has to maintain Competitive Edge

While speaking on his weekly radio programme “Ask the Prime Minister” Dr. Douglas said, “We in the government … keenly understand the importance of continuing the brain storming, the hard work and the on-going quest for ways to enhance the competitive edge that got us here.”

He continued, “Each time these international rankings are announced, I visualise not the ranking themselves but what they mean to the local engineers, and to local builders who are very well in position to get the construction related contracts that are triggered by these rankings.“tor

“I visualise the accountants, lawyers who are getting a position to generate more revenue as a result of the increase work associated with economic activity within our tourism sector. I also visualise the truckers, the taxi drivers, the local market, and the hotel and restaurant workers.  In other words I visualise that vast spectrum of locals who stand to see their families social economic standing enhanced, as a result of another economic activity that these international rankings tend to generate.”

Prime Minister Douglas also pointed out the new efficiencies of immigration now being experienced at the RLB International Airport, citing the change as one of the many ways in which we can keep the “competitive edge”


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