The importance of physical books, mental health top Macmillan teacher webinars for St. Kitts

BASSETERRE – Macmillan Education Caribbean has announced the launch of its new webinar series for the Autumn Term 2021 with two exciting new topics set for August and September for which teachers are invited to register either online or through the R J Laws Bookshop in Basseterre.

The discussions will begin with ‘The importance of a physical book’ come Wednesday August 25 steered by Debbie Roberts, a well-known author for the Caribbean and an experienced teacher trainer. This webinar is based on research into the differences between reading on a screen and reading from paper.

According to Roberts, “Reading from paper results in a deep reading with the information being processed more effectively with multi-sensory stimuli.”  She will expand on this during a thought-provoking and insightful webinar.

Meanwhile, author and teacher trainer Tony Cotton will facilitate a second webinar on the topic, ‘Mental Health and Wellbeing’ on Wednesday September 1. He will draw on independent research carried out for a forthcoming book – Transforming teaching: Global responses to teaching under the Covid-19 pandemic – to explore how the well-being of teachers can be supported both by teachers themselves and by the schools in which they work.

Cotton’s book explores the experiences of 12 teachers from around the globe, including the Caribbean. And he will discuss how best to use the experiences of teaching remotely to teach more effectively on returning to the classroom. This will include developing relationships with parents and communities as well as supporting colleagues.

These two webinars begin a series that will support teachers and help students achieve success in their SBA. The series will also discuss why scientific enquiry is the best way to learn science; STEAM activities; help with building confidence in maths as well as an introduction into new Macmillan Education Caribbean publishing for the OECS standards.

In a bid to reach as many teachers as possible, Macmillan Education Caribbean has initiated a fun activity where teachers can capitalize on over 100 easy and fun activities and materials that support problem solving in primary maths, developing independent writing in English and scientific enquiry skills.

There is also an exclusive offering for secondary school teachers in St Kitts and Nevis, of a choice of secondary books – that ends August 31.

Featured Image – L-R; Debbie Roberts, Tony Cotton

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