The Jamming Start – J’Ouvert in St. Kitts

At about 4:30am J’Ouvert jammers were already on the streets and dancing to the sounds of the early morning Pep (music). Persons were painted in colours of red, purple, blue and even covered in mud.  Some had on devil horns lighted while others had a different face for the day, dressed in mask.jouvert-2

A total of eight troupes are expected to flood the streets of Basseterre. The troupes competing this year are; Xtreme Jouvert Bachannal, Red Devils, Mudsunami Jouvert, Blue Devils, GM Addix, Small Axe Bed Rockers, Kollision / Carib Brewery Train Jouvert Troupe,Fhunn Vybes – A Splash of Purple.

Speaking to a few revellers, many seem to have been parting from the day before and according to some of those individuals, “We just could not wait for J’Ouvert!”

It’s expected that as time goes by more and more persons will take to the streets.

As the J’Ouvert session continues will provide more updates.  The photo gallery will also be updated with scenes from the day’s activity.

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